Drug License Suspensions in Florida

In Florida, your driver’s license can be suspended for accumulating too many points on your driving record and for driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs. But, did you know that a person’s driver’s license can also be suspended or revoked if they are convicted of certain drug offenses?

Under Section 322.055 of the Florida Statutes, a person’s driver’s license can be suspended or revoked if they are 18 or older and have been convicted of certain drug offenses. Under Sec. 322.055 it explains that if someone is at least 18 and they are convicted of the following drug-related offenses, “the court shall direct the department to revoke their driver license or driving privilege of the person.”

How long would a driver’s license revocation be for a drug-related offense? Under Sec. 322.055(1), the revocation would last one year, or if the person was ordered to complete a drug treatment and rehabilitation program, the suspension would last until the program was successfully completed by the offender.

Can I Apply for a Restricted License?

Understandably, it’s difficult for most people to pay their court fines if they lose their jobs or can’t make it to work because of a driver’s license revocation. For this reason, sometimes the court will direct the department to issue a restricted license so the offender can drive for employment purposes only. If your license ends up being suspended or revoked because of a drug-related conviction, after six (6) months, you may petition the department for a restricted or unrestricted driver’s license depending on how long your license was revoked or restricted for. Unfortunately, you cannot apply for a restricted license sooner than six months; you have to wait it out.

“Can I lose my license if I’m caught possessing or selling marijuana?” Yes, absolutely. Since Florida still criminalizes marijuana possession (while some other states have already decriminalizing pot), your license can be suspended for a marijuana-related offense.

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