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  • A Guide to Florida's Disorderly Intoxication Laws
    Is Disorderly Intoxication & Public Intoxication the Same Thing? Disorderly intoxication is a criminal offense in the state of Florida, but the laws ...
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  • Florida's Misdemeanor Classes
    In most U.S. states, there are three levels of crime. The first is an infraction. These are minor offenses, often handled with fines and citations. On ...
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  • Defenses Against a Credit Card Fraud Accusation
    What Is Credit Card Fraud? Put simply, credit card fraud occurs when one person illegally uses another’s credit card. Essentially, the crime assumes ...
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  • What You Should Do After Fleeing the Scene of an Accident
    In a tense situation, it’s easy to make impulsive choices. Often, in a panic, someone might drive off from an accident. They are not fully grasping ...
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  • 4 Examples of Improper Police Tactics
    Criminal defense employs many tactics to maintain someone’s innocence. Sometimes, an attorney directly challenges the evidence in a case, exposing ...
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  • 3 Effective Ways to Defend Against a Domestic Violence Charge
    Domestic violence accusations have long-reaching consequences. In the immediate, they can result in criminal charges, taking away your freedoms. In ...
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  • Florida's Various Burglary Penalties
    In last month’s article , we provided credible defenses against a burglary allegation. This is important information to have, as we will now discuss ...
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  • How Can I Defend Against a Burglary Charge?
    The crime of burglary is often misunderstood. It is not simply entering a place where you don’t belong. Legally, that behavior is “trespassing.” In ...
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