Will I Go to Jail?

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Many clients who have been charged with a crime and come to me at The Law Offices of Phillip T. Ridolfo, Jr., for legal advice or representation are primarily concerned with whether or not they will go to jail. Answering the seemingly simple question "will I go to jail?" will depend upon a variety of factors:

  • Your prior criminal history, if any
  • The type of crime you and the associated penalties, as well as mandated minimums
  • The judge in your case
  • The prosecutor in your case
  • The quality and skills of your criminal attorney

Each of these factors can influence directly whether or not you go to jail if you are convicted of a crime. Many crimes carry mandatory minimum jail sentences, but in certain situations, these mandatory jail sentences can be suspended, or postponed, or could be replaced with probation, based upon the charge. There are some instances in which the judge has the discretion to deviate from the mandatory minimum sentence. Other more serious crimes mandate a minimum jail term range that the judge may not have the discretion to change.

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If you are convicted of a minor criminal infraction that carries no jail term but is on probation for a prior crime which did have a suspended sentence, you could be incarcerated for violating the terms of your probation and forced to serve time. So as one can see, the question is not always that easy to answer. It clearly depends on your individual situation.

My firm has represented hundreds of clients over the past 25 years in West Palm Beach, and I have personally successfully defended them on a variety of criminal charges. I am passionate about protecting my clients' legal rights, reputation, livelihood, and freedoms. Having had the experience of serving as a prosecutor in the past gives me a unique insight into the strategies and arguments commonly employed by the state that in turn, allows me to anticipate the state's approach and prepare a more effective defense case. Contact my office now to schedule your free consultation.

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