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Miranda v. Arizona was a case that made its way up to the Supreme Court. Through this case it was established that the rights the arrested citizen had under the fifth and sixth amendment had been abused throughout the arrest and trial. This spurred the movement to have the legal rights a person has read to them during the time they are taken into custody. If you are arrested, a law enforcement officer must read you your rights before you are interrogated. These are called your "Miranda Rights" after the case they were based off of.

There are several rights that will generally be read to an arrestee, and they can be read in any order:

Additional Rights in a West Palm Beach Arrest

Additionally, a defendant has several other rights recognized in the courts. It is a wise decision to pay attention to these rights and even exercise them. One of the most common ones that can help a person suspected of a crime in their effort to avoid a conviction is the right to remain silent. This can aid them to avoid giving officers anything to work off of. A West Palm Beach criminal defense lawyer can go into these rights in more detail, and help you understand them further.

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