Possession With Intent to Sell

fighting very serious potential sentences

Possession with intent to sell can be charged as either a misdemeanor or felony, and is considered one of the more serious drug offenses. You can be arrested for intending to sell an illegal drug even if you were only in possession of a small amount of the substance.

These additional items include:

  • Deadly weapons
  • A large quantity of money
  • Equipment used to manufacture or grow the drug
  • Baggies, scales and other items used for packing illegal narcotics
  • Any documents indicating you were involved in a sales operation

If you possessed a large amount of drugs, it is likely that you will also be charged with intent to sell even if there is no other incriminating evidence. A conviction in a drug crime case can have stiff penalties such as jail time, fines, asset seizure and driver's license suspension. You may also be required to perform public service and attend a drug treatment program.

To find out how best to fight accusations of possession with intent to sell, contact a seasoned West Palm Beach criminal defense lawyer. Skilled legal advocacy is vital in a criminal case, especially when your future and freedom is in jeopardy.

Fighting Accusations with Legal Skill

The Law Offices of Phillip T. Ridolfo, Jr. is a proven criminal defense firm that has represented clients facing drug crime charges for nearly two decades. My name is Phil Ridolfo, Jr. and I provide clients with personalized service in a comfortable office environment. I am a former Palm Beach County prosecutor that uses all of my legal experience when defending the accused.

Regardless of the nature of your crime, I will protect your constitutional rights and aggressively challenge the evidence against you.

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