Arrested in West Palm Beach?

Our West Palm Beach Criminal Lawyer Explains What to Do

The first thing you need to know about your situation when you have been arrested for any type of crime is that anything you say can be held against you in court. The Fifth Amendment to the Constitution provides you with a legal right to remain silent and refuse to make statements about the case. You should not agree to speak with investigators until you have received advice from an experienced West Palm Beach criminal defense attorney who can guide you away from any actions that would further incriminate you.

Many people fail to hold their ground in the face of aggressive police officers and other law enforcement officials. Even the simplest questions you will face are calculated to get you to say something that will add to the evidence against you, and investigators will sometimes try to bully you into talking, but you have a legal right to put a stop to questioning until you have your lawyer with you. A suspect commonly gets swept up in the routine actions of an arrest and finds himself before the judge with no sound legal strategy for defending the case. With a basic understanding of your rights, you can maintain a degree of control over the situation and make sure that you can speak with your attorney before you answer any questions.

After you have been taken into custody, bail will be set for your release and it is up to you or your loved ones to post bail. You can make a phone call from jail to contact your family or your attorney. If you cannot pay the amount for bail, you will remain in custody until the date set for your release, which may be before or after your sentencing, depending on the alleged crime. The judge may decide to release you on your "own recognizance," meaning that you will be let out of jail without having to post bail, if he has reason to believe that you will appear in court when ordered. The next step is to meet with your attorney to get started on a defense strategy for having your charges reduced or dropped.

Protecting Your Future

Being arrested can be a frightening experience and you may have a great deal of concern for your future right now. By working with West Palm Beach Criminal Defense Attorney Phil Ridolfo, Jr. you will have an attorney on your side who is determined to protect your rights throughout the process. The period immediately following an arrest is perhaps the most critical juncture in any criminal defense case, as it is when you will be assaulted with questions from law enforcement officials who are focused on one thing: proving your guilt. I don't want you to face this ordeal alone, and I am available by phone 24/7 any day of the week.

I have 25 years of legal experience. In fact, over the course of my career I have served as both a prosecutor in Palm Beach County and currently as a criminal defense attorney. I understand both sides of the situation, a feature which is of great benefit to you. Because I want my clients to have a friendly environment, my office is small and inviting. It is important to have an attorney that is both approachable and dependable, and if you choose me, you will receive both those key aspects. I even offer a free consultation to give you an opportunity to get to know me and my firm. In my years of experience, I have handled every kind of criminal case—whether misdemeanors or felonies—and I am prepared to defend you. Each client is important to me, and I will provide you with aggressive and committed criminal defense.

Contact my offices today at (561) 475-2752 to be sure that your rights are protected through every step of the arrest process and getting you free.

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