Robbery Attorney in West Palm Beach

Robbery Charges: A Possible Felony

Theft crimes come in varying degrees and one of the more serious charges is for robbery. Robbery is defined in the Florida Statutes Title XLVI Chapter 812.13 as taking the property of money of another person for the purpose of temporarily or permanently depriving them of it and doing so with the use of violence, force, assault or causing fear. Robbery is not just the crime of taking the property but it involves the presence of violence or fear. The other party feels that they are in danger somehow if they fail to give over the property. This is what can make these crimes punished more harshly.

If the use of a weapon or firearm is used, then a charge of armed robbery can come at an even higher cost. Robbery with a firearm or other deadly weapon is considered a felony charge which can lead to lengthy prison time. Depending on if this is your first offense or you have a criminal background, you can also face varying charges.

The Impact of a Robbery Conviction in Florida

Robbery charges are severe and those accused of committing this crime have a lot at stake. A conviction can greatly change the direction of your life if you are facing allegations. You can be up against costly fines that you don't have the means to pay. You may be dealing with the possibility of years behind bars, removing you from friends, family and all other areas of your life. You will also have the conviction on your record which can continue to set you back even after your sentence is over. Simply put, being convicted could ruin everything you have worked for at this point.

securing your confident & successful defense

As a West Palm Beach criminal defense lawyer it is my position to consider the other side of the case. We live in a country where you are innocent until proven guilty and I take full advantage of this stance, giving you a strong shot at having charges reduced or dropped. Having dealt with many of these cases during my 25 years of experience, I am familiar with what the options are. I can consider the choice of negotiating to see if this can provide a fair bargain. I am also able to aggressively argue a case before the court so that your side is heard. Trying to handle your case alone or turning to the wrong West Palm Beach criminal defense attorney can put you at jeopardy.

You need a strong defense so that you can avoid the repercussions of a conviction or to greatly reduce the penalties that you are faced with - Call my offices today at (561) 475-2752!

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