Shoplifting Charges

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Penalties for retail theft or shoplifting, as it is commonly called, can range from a second degree misdemeanor if the amount is under $100, to a third degree felony if the amount is more than $300, or if other conditions apply. Businesses lose extraordinary amounts of money to shoplifters every year and a serious effort is in place to reduce the number of offenders. To defend yourself or a loved one against this serious accusation, call or speak with me, Phil Ridolfo, Jr., at The Law Offices of Phillip T. Ridolfo, Jr. I am a West Palm Beach criminal defense attorney and I am ready to stand up for your constitutional rights during this challenging time.

Retail theft means removing from the store, carrying away or taking merchandise, money, property or other items of value with the intent to deprive the seller or merchant of the possession, benefit or full retail value of the item.

Other acts constituting retail theft include:

  • Appropriating a shopping cart
  • Moving an item from one bin or area to another with a different price
  • Removing or changing a label, product code or price tag to lower the price

A criminal conviction for retail theft or any theft crime can have lifelong and devastating effects. Even with a misdemeanor conviction in Florida, you will have to disclose on all job applications that you were convicted of a "crime of dishonesty." I can help protect your civil liberties. At The Law Offices of Phillip T. Ridolfo, Jr., you can be assured of committed and aggressive defense.

Protect Your Rights and Your Future

Businesses and police officers and prosecutors all make mistakes. I have decades of legal experience representing people charged with criminal offenses and can provide a strong, yet caring defense for you. No matter how uncertain or fearful you may be feeling, rest assured that as a past prosecutor, I will work tirelessly to find any flaws in the prosecution's case.

Many times I have been able to get shoplifting charges lowered for clients, or even dismissed. Get started on your defense by calling my offices today at (561) 475-2752!

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