Multiple DUIs

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In order to be arrested for DUI, a person generally must have a blood alcohol content of .08 percent. When a person is arrested on DUI charges, it triggers a number of events. For one, the event goes into documentation on the driver's record and is often classified as a misdemeanor crime. This alone could have great significance for the driver if he or she is ever looking for a job, a raise in salary, or some other important occurrence in the person's life. A driver who is not yet 21 will also receive more severe consequences.

A single DUI charge could have life-altering results for a person. Although state laws vary, a person with multiple DUI convictions has potential for that many more penalties.

The penalties could include:

  • Felony charges
  • Long jail sentences
  • Loss of right to hold a Driver's License
  • Lengthy suspension of your Driver's License

Of course, a felony conviction is a permanent documentation on a person's record and could have serious consequences on the person's future.

Fighting Multiple DUIs in West Palm Beach

If you have been charged with multiple DUI convictions, it is imperative that you seek the help of an experienced DUI attorney immediately. Because details and information can become confusing as time goes by, it is important to secure a trustworthy lawyer as soon as possible. Criminal charges are serious, so you need a West Palm Beach criminal lawyer that you can count on.

A West Palm Beach criminal defense lawyer knows what questions to ask, such as whether or not the testing was conducted lawfully or whether or not the driver's rights were violated in the process. A lawyer may be able to lower your penalties or help you be acquitted of your charges.

If a cop mismanaged a field sobriety test or engaged in any illegal action during the course of your arrest, it may significantly change the outcome of your case. A West Palm Beach criminal defense attorney can get to the bottom of the situation and defend you.

The Law Offices of Phillip T. Ridolfo, Jr. has been serving clients facing DUI charges in West Palm Beach, California. I have more than 25 years of experience, and I have earned our respectable and proven reputation. Because I formerly served as a county prosecutor in West Palm Beach, I am uniquely qualified to provide you with knowledgeable, experienced defense.

If you are facing a DUI charge, be proactive about your future and take actions to obtain sound legal defense in the wake of a DUI arrest. Call my firm today at (561) 475-2752!

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