8 Surprising Facts About a Florida DUI

If you were recently arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) in West Palm Beach and this is your first offense, you probably have a lot of questions and that’s only normal. “Should I plead guilty? Will I lose my driver’s license? Will I go to jail? Can I drink while on probation?” While I’m not necessarily going to answer these particular questions in this post, I do want to mention “surprising facts” about a Florida DUI.

You see, the average person doesn’t know much about the consequences of a DUI conviction, some of which last far after the case is closed. If you’re on the fence about pleading guilty, I want you to take the following into consideration before you appear before a judge.

1. A DUI can affect international travel.

Typically, a DUI conviction would not stop you from obtaining a U.S. passport; however, it can affect international travel. There are some countries, such as Canada, which prohibit foreign travelers from entering with a DUI on their record. So, before you buy those non-refundable tickets to Quebec, check on their laws first.

2. A DUI can affect child custody.

If you are in the middle of a child custody battle and you have a fresh DUI on your record, your child’s other parent can use that against you in court, especially if your child was in the vehicle at the time of your DUI arrest. Your ex could argue that you have a drinking problem and you’re not fit to have custody of your children.

3. A DUI comes up on background checks.

Like all criminal convictions, DUIs are reported indefinitely. This means 20 years from now, potential employers will still be able to see your DUI conviction.

4. A DUI can affect security clearance.

When you’re applying for a security clearance, all aspects of your personal history are looked at, and of course, DUIs are no exception. If your DUI is recent, or if you have more than one conviction, you may be considered “too high of a security risk” and your security clearance can be denied.

5. A DUI can affect college scholarships.

For college students, DUIs can wreak havoc on their scholarship applications. In fact, some schools won’t even award a scholarship to a student with a recent DUI on their record. Instead, schools generally prefer to give them to applicants with spotless records. One can only imagine the financial implications of a lost scholarship.

6. A DUI can affect employment opportunities.

Many employers have strict policies against hiring people with criminal records. Also, certain occupations frown heavily upon DUIs. Thus, a DUI conviction can hinder employment opportunities for years to come.

7. A DUI can affect college sports.

Some college teams simply won’t let athletes be on their team or they won’t let them play if they are convicted of a crime, even a misdemeanor DUI.

8. A DUI can affect professional licenses.

Applying for a dental hygiene license, a notary license, a real estate license, or trying to become a Registered Nurse? These professional licenses, among others may be denied if an applicant has a recent DUI conviction on their record.

To learn about the basic penalties for a Florida DUI, click here.

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